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The veranda of my house was my ‘life’. Because I lived in an apartment of the sky-high building in the heart of the city.

The green color helped our eyes to see better and made our mind fresh and cool. So I brought three flowers pots of yellow dancing lady orchid from my mother’s garden and I tried to place them on the narrow edge of the veranda.

So, no sooner had I wake up in the early morning, I was at my veranda and I did my so-called warming up exercise. I tenderly took great care of the green leaves and flowers in the flower pots and I never felt tried to do so. I would like to have a good eyesight. I was not long-sighted and nor short-sighted, either. I had to wear my glasses all the time and it seemed to be heavy on my face. The brown scar on my nose had been making me look ugly for a long time.

That was my daily life-cycle. The usual view in front of the house never seemed to be monotonous. There were old reddish zinc roofs on high and low building, dirty black antenna, big and small satellites, the iron rods connected with TV antenna had many joints, some were connect with blue plastic pipes and some with long bamboo poles. As they were not fixed systematically they were bending and swaying back and forth.

Sometimes, some crows were swinging on the fish bonelike TV antenna. Some little sparrows were hopping and making sweet sounds and some of them were pecking one another in a playful manner.

There were tall and short poles, long and short ropes, hanging here and there, many of them seemed to be falling down, there were no suck ropes that were hanged systematically.

Oh! Look at that view on the roof!

Iron pipes with many joints were set up, these had been done so in order to get good for telephone connection, it just looked like a station for satellite communication. There, on top of a pole was just like a broken umbrella without sheets.

Well! There were two crows ravening some food for a long time in eight feet satellite on the front building. What a scene it was!

Seeing the eight feet satellite I remembered a funny event. There was even ten feet satellite. It was said that ten feet satellite had more channels than eight feet satellite. So my husband at home intended to set up a ten feet satellite as eight feet satellite was broken by the disaster of Nagis. So he asked the boy the weak point and good point of the satellite.

“Well, brother, tell me please, the difference between the eight feet and ten feet satellite.”

After listening to the explanation, my husband got very angry.

“Damm it! What? Is that all you say?” and he dropped the receiver angrily.

The man on the phone said, “The difference between eight feet and ten feet is two feet, brother,”

Satellites of different sizes, loose and falling TV connections, many tangled strings and lots of telephone posts and all these things were tangled up in my eyes. Among the new sky-high buildings there were many old two-storeyed buildings of fifty years or more. There were also three-storeyed buildings. On pointed and flat roofs, there were red and blue zinc sheets, there were pieces of broken on large blue canvas as if the rain water was leaking.

Look! There was one and only house. But its roof was combined, half of it was of old red zinc and the other half was of black slimy and dry brick tiles. Some brick tiles on the roof were broken and the old zinc sheet that covered them were all in disorder.

Last year or two years ago, a house with brick tiles at the other street of my house was seen clearly as it was two-storeyed. One evening, the brick tile roof collapsed with a very loud voice, and there had been a big uncovered space and the roof collapsed with a fearful noise. What sudden fright people had! Thank goodness, there were no family members in the house. If not, it was unthinkable.

There eight-storeyed building was substituted in that place. The building was no longer in its shape. The bamboos were skillfully set up into a scaffolding, there were many workers of different ages, there were some old grey-haired man, some young men with reddish hair, some were carrying the cement, some were with reddish hair, some were carrying the cement, some were smoothening, some were placing bricks in rows, some were painting, day after day, from one place to the other, from floor to the next. It was built very fast, as I had been looking, the fifth floor had already been concreated.

“Oh! They’d be the same age as my son,” I thought very often whenever I looked at the boys who were working very hard. They were having their breakfast on the floor at their break time, before the walls of four sides of the building were built. Were some of them lying or sleeping.? What were they thinking about? Some leaned on the post and smoked. Some were teasing one another and the other were singing random songs very loudly. I saw all of their movements very clearly from my veranda.

Someday, Oh! My God! Will somebody fall down?

Whenever I got to the veranda, I saw these scenes. Oh! Look at them! They were risking their lives for their family, children and wife, for their parents, for their brothers and sister. How they were earning their living! Under the scorching sun, they were working without protective coverings. Oh! How I had a touching feeling in my heart! They were all working hard with sweats on their bodies.

May be the scaffolding was strong. The masons and the painters climbed on the shaking and moving bamboos in the respective floor, the painters stepped over the bamboos in the respective floor, the painters stepped over the bamboos , they’d be killed on the you’re building high grade and advanced buildings, you should set a scaffolding with strong iron materials, you should make them work after they had worn complete dress with belts, protective elements and shoes!” How had they been very careless! How hard it was to have a human life! How world their family who relied on them were worried in their both body and mind!

“Oh! How long have I been thinking?” I thought resourcely and spoked out aloud. My young daughter soonthingly said to me, “Mom, why so worried like that?” There they tease and sing songs wouldn’t even know that I was worrying about them. I couldn’t do anything except worrying. They were enjoying themselves.

The view seemed to be on tenterhook that day. The water tanks were carried to each and every apartment. there were no machineries at this developed age. From the ground floor to the roof of eighth floor, more that fifteen water tanks were carried. They were using ropes to pull them from one floor to another.

“Pull it to this side, yes, yes, pull hard.”

The men from the ground floor pushed upward, the men from the upper floor pulled the rope up, the scaffolding was shaking. There were three or four men pulling hard and those who pushed were also not more than three of four men pulling hard and those who pushed were also not more than three or four. Those who pulled the rope could fall upside down, and those who pushed the tanks could fall on their back. The scene seemed to be on tenterhooks to see. The heat of the sun was scorching. It was not easy at all. It was frightening. Anyone could feel dizzy and fell down. The water tank stopped before it got to the roof. I was first thinking that there were one or two water tanks. Late in the evening, zinc water tanks shone brightly under the sung on the roof of the building.

During these days, looking at these scenes, I heard bad news. “He fell down from the fifth floor and was killed on the spot, his wife was pregnant.”

“Oh! What terrible news it is!” I thought.

They had no protective things for their safety. They worked carelessly and so it happened accidentally. I felt uncomfortable to hear these news.

Before anything happened, it was thought that it would be impossible to happen. After the accident, they said, “It’s his bad luck, it’s predestined.” How difficult it was to be going on like that.

People never felt sad for long for one’s death. Didn’t they have enough money to buy things for one’s safety? Was it possible to use a belt or hook so that they wouldn’t fall from such a height?

Now, many big and small buildings were being built. I, the writer saw the signboard “Safety first.”

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