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Oh! There, small little buds had appeared on the mango tree!

That mango tree was weird. It was a very rare thing. It grew on a space in the street among the sky-high buildings in the center of the city. I saw the mango tree that it seemed to be opposite to my veranda. I did not need to look at it carefully, it appeared in my view whenever I got to the veranda day and night. I lived at the 6th floor and the mango tree was so high that it reached the roof of the 7th floor. The mango buds on a small branch opened into little white mango flowers here and there among the leaves and branches.

The branches of mango tree reached to the roof of the building nearly opposite to my apartment. That building was two-storeyed, and I saw it from my 6th floor apartment. Last year, the workers of that house were cutting the branches of the mango tree on the roof. They even plucked some ripe mangoes and ate on the roof. I had been living in this apartment for more that five years. This mango tree bore fruits. Some leaves fell down and some branches looked ugly as they were leafless, and green leaves and some small light, green leaves seemed to appear on the branches. Ah! In two or three days, the new leaves had appeared here and there and the whole tree was covered with leaves. Only some leaves at the lower branch were green, the leaves at the tip of the branches were reddish brown.

In the cool breeze of wind, the long and tender new leaves, in green, brown and red color were swaying and I had some king of weird feeling. I was worried if that mango tree would disappear from my view.The one and only mango tree in the street gave me a feeling of one kind or another. It was lovely.

The whole mango tree was covered with leaves and the branches did not bend to the street. The tree grew on the space of twenty feet to sixty feet between the two buildings, a big branch was to appear and from that branch, small branches came out and the mango buds and the mango flowers were seen among the leaves, in a few months, the mango flowers fell and small mango fruits appeared, then the small green tender fruits became bigger and would hang among the green leaves.

I saw something on a branch with few leaves. What did you think it’d be? With daughter I had a bet for fun to find it. No one found it. Who knew it was on that branch? They pointed at the builting in front and they were talking what they thought.

“There it is!” “No”, “Oh! Over there!” “No, it isn’t there!” They tried to find until it was evening . I waited fo them whether they would find it. They didn’t find it.

They said, “I give up, where is it?” “There it is?” “Oh! How ridiculous!”How is it hanging on the branch? Someone will have thrown it, and it hangs there! Everyone talked with excitement. The branch was rather high from the ground. Did someone throw at the fruit with it? of Did he throw it on the bird? He was quite smart. He didn’t throw it on the bird? He was quite smart. He didn’t throw it to be hung there. Look at it.” I was thinking like that. It was a blue hanger for the dresses. In comfortable circumstances it was shaking with the wind. It didn’t fall down. Whenever I got to the veranda, the blue hanger was carefully looked for.

The mango tree was grown on the space inside the fence at the right hand side corner. I had noticed. That mango tree was not infested with insects. It never was eaten by moths.

When it was time for the birds to roost in the evening, the sounds of the birds were heard on the tree. Among the branches and leaves, the small heads of the birds could be seen, and their shaking tails were often seen, too. Were they pecking each other? The scene never looked to be monotonous at the time of roosting. It was wonderful, pleasing and interesting.

I had also noticed. That mango tree had never been eaten by the months. From my cage-like apartment and from my one and only veranda, the scene I had seen everyday was not at all strange. It was not strange and it was not monotonous, either. These scenes were the same usual scenes I saw everyday. Day after day, I looked at the mango tree, it didn’t seem to be monotonous to me and I enjoyed viewing at it and it was such a great scene in my eyesight.

Look! The small mango flowers had yellow stamen. Once the wind blew, white mango flowers had fallen down. Then at the top of the stalks of the fallen flowers, little fruits came out. The little fruits were equal in size as they grew slowly and became bigger and bigger. Among the green leaves and the mango flowers that were still left, the stalks were seen together with small fruits, they all were hanging down. It was really a good view to see.

Not within a month, the little fruits became very big and they were then large green mango fruits. There on the branch in the corner, the mango fruit was yellow in color. It stated to ripe. I looked at them carefully. One evening, there was a crow that rested on the branch and ate the ripe mango fruit that I had been watching, the crow had already eaten half of the fruit. It seemed to enjoy the tasty mango fruit. As if the mango fruit would be taken away by force, the crow was pecking the ripe mango fruit that its tail stretched as if it would fall up-side down, however it pecked, the mango fruit did not fall.

I remembered vividly that it was the day, many people suffered the Nagis storm. The wind blew with a loud noise, we had never seen such strong wind and we watched as a strange thing from our veranda. “Oh! No, no, go in, go into the house, there the zinc sheets are flying,” my husband shouted. “Yes, yes, there! Satellites are blown away,” my son said. We, son and mother ran into the parlour. I was thinking. “If the flying zinc sheets came to us through the veranda!” Oh! I dared not to think. We all ran into the room and closed the door, it slammed loudly. It was frightening. The door was closed without key or bar. Thank goodness! The window panes were not broken.

The mango tree was seen through the window pane. What I noticed was that it could be seen clearly in the dark night. The swaying and shaking branches were broken, the fruits fell down. It was lucky for us, as usual my car was parked under the mango tree. There was a car still parking there. Oh! What had happened to the sleeping crows and sparrows? What happened to their family? Poor things.

My elder son and younger daughter wanted to go out to see, brother and sister pushed the door hard, “Be careful, son and daughter. Don’t be too daring.” I said.

“Ha… in spite of the heavy rain and strong wind, the fallen mango fruits are being picked up by some boys by the light of the car.” My daughter said and I want out to see them, “Oh! Yes, they seem not to be afraid, how shamelessly greedy they are! They don’t care the danger under such rain and wind, how they enjoy picking up the mango fruit! They would experience an electric shock in water! They may have the danger of flying zinc sheets!” I was only worrying about them. They were holding a ripe mango fruit were jumping as if they were jumping as if they had Pole star in their hand. I felt to be on tenterhooks.

Many hours later, the angry and merciless storm had stopped. After it had done the disaster angrily and mercilessly. It seemed that it had done nothing it disappeared and ran away, but in the hearts of the people, the seal of the Nagis was stamped violently. It was very lucky for our family and relatives that we had not suffered badly. But the news I heard continuously made me feel in consolable, sad, miserable and grievous in my hear when I thought of them sympathetically.

Many family members, brothers and sisters were separated and passed away. What a terrible grieve we consolately had, although had, although we dared not to see, we dared not to hear, we did not like to suffer. Thank goodness! I did have a chance to donate some money as well as man power as a piece of brick and a gram of sand because I did it what I was able to do from a place, from a corner.

The mango tree also unbearably had the disaster done by Nagis storm. Two days later, the big branch of the mango tree was broken but it did not fall to the ground, but it was hanging freely, so some workers of the owner of the next building had to cut it down. The tree was almost branchless. The size and the shape looked the same as before, there were only fewer branches and leaves.

It looked like a black stem growing stem growing upright. The branches were all black, too. It seemed to be burnt and so it looked very ugly.

One week, two weeks, three weeks and a month later, the small new leaves appear among the stem and branches. From all the places, between the branches, there were new leaves. The scene made me feel warm and peaceful and the joy I felt was almost hard to explain.

Time flew fast. A day seemed very short. As I got to the veranda, I looked at the mango tree more carefully than before. For the time before, I had looked at it normally and I had a feeling. Then I had to look at it carefully and had the feeling. The original shape had disappeared. The green and fresh leaves took the place in the stem, in the branch of the branchless tree.

The red, young, tender and pointed mango leaves appeared. They were shaking as the wind blew, they sometimes shone brightly under the reflection of the sun, as I had been looking, I felt like pinching and plucking them.

Yes, I did think, in the next year, I foresaw that it time would come again. Among the green leaves, at the top of the long white stalks, the small little fruits would hang again.

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