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I did remember. My wedding was held at the Karaweik Hotel. At the night when wedding presents of both sides of the bride and groom were given and when the bed-room of the newlyweds had to be prepared, younger aunt said, “Well, son and daughter! Who’s going to prepare the bed? They must be a couple who has been married since their younger days and both for the first time. Ask very carefully.”

So, the neighbouring and friendly couple was asked to help us. It had been more than thirty years. We had not asked them carefully whether they had married since their younger days.

It was meant to take good omens. It was taken in my head and when it was time to prepare the bedroom of the newlyweds, “Hey, bedroom must be prepared by a couple who has married since their younger days and both for the first time and be careful to have a good blessing.” The old people suggested without feeling tired. They were worried the wedding would be without good omens. the wedding had to be auspicious from all points so that the bride and the bridegroom would lead a wedded life faithfully and everlastingly.

“Those who have true love be truthful to each other.” The singer Nwe Yin Win’s song was remembered. Man and woman loved each other and got married. The parents of both side agreed and the couple agreed, too. Loving each other, “We’ll marry and in some time in future, we’ll divorce.” Whoever had said like that? When the parents were paid homage, they would say, “May this husband and this wife be always together for a long time! May there be an eternal and everlasting wedded life with sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren!”

behind consciousness, the good and the bad of true colors hidden by unconsciousness would always appears some other day or some other time. If the true color was good, the whole family and each member of the family would be pleased and happy. If the true color was bad there would be no blessing at all and everybody felt sad in body and mind. Without any consideration, one did not know that his manners were underprivileged. They forgot one whole life’s happiness and led to a sudden short happiness. They didn’t think the station ahead was, “A Station of Troubles.”

I had helped my best friend’s wedding through and through and thoroughly. Her man was a foreigner who was holding Myanmar national registration card. His family was Chinese who took no account of anything. They changed their engagement rings. The judge and the committee were invited respectfully to the house and signed. The wedding consecration in Myanmar way held in great measure at Inya Lake Hotel. The guests, wearing western dresses, held dinner party at Inya Lake Hotel.

My friend was very lucky, she had blessings four times and parents and relatives of both sides were happy. I was impressive with her. I felt that my wedding at Karaweik Hotel seemed to be nothing at all.

Then it was time to prepare the bedroom. I was introduced to a rich couple who were the relatives of the bridegroom’s side. They lived in Taiwan. They were born in Myanmar. They spoke Myanmar very well. I even couldn’t follow them.

No one had to talk while the bedroom was being prepared. Everyone had just to think very quietly about the auspiciousness of the bride and bridegroom. It was said to be nice. I didn’t have to talk. I would stand silently and had a look at them.

The rich couple laid down the bed sheet of yellow god color. Oh! The design of the bed sheet was very beautiful. They laid it down on the bed very properly. The husband held the upper end of the sheet, the wife made all the preparations to become more attractive, the new sheaths of the pillows and bolster were put on, the mosquito-net of gold color was put up. The beautiful gold-colored blankets were placed it was so great and grand. Looking at them, I had to be very careful not to ask a question though I wanted to. Without talking even a word, they were preparing the bed very quietly and that made me want to laugh at them.

Then, after four months later, I read the news of their legal divorce in the newspaper. Why? Why did it happen? I had an information from a secondary source. It was because of the different opinions and disagreement between them.

Our 32nd wedding anniversary was held with all the relatives happily. Together with my friend, Daw Lay nu who prepared our wedding bedroom also arrived. HerĀ  husband uncle Kyaw did not come.

Daw Lay Nu and Uncle Kyaw were not married since their younger days. When they married, Uncle Kyaw had for big sons and daughters. His first wife was Daw Lay Nu’s blood sister. Uncle Kyaw and Daw Lay Nu had a son.

What I wanted to say was that uncle Kyaw and Daw Lay Nu, who were not a couple who married since their younger days, they talk teased very loudly while they were preparing our bedroom for our bedroom for our wedding.

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