Shwe Yote Shin

Once a poor woman gave birth to a son, but he had only a head and no body. The husband […]

Long ago there lived an old window, who was very poor. She had a daughter, who was pretty and good-natured. […]

An old couple was childless, and the husband and the wife longed for a child. So when the wife found […]

Little Miss Frog was clever and industrious, but her neighbour Big Miss Frog was stupid and lazy. Everybody loved Little […]

King Lion appointed the Bear, the Monkey and the Rabbit to be his ministers of state, and together they roamed […]

In a village there lived four young men, and they could make up strange and impossible tales. One day they […]

Once there lived a deaf little novice in monastery. One day the abbot said to him: ‘Go to the village […]

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